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  • FRANÇOIS DU TOIT, from Lille, Flandre, * circa 1664, d. 22.10.1731. Came in 1686 to the  Cape on board the Vriheit. x  12.2.1690 Susanne SEUGNET,  * Saintes, Saintonge, France 1673,  d. 1762. She arrived at the Cape in 1689 to join her sisters Claudine and Jeanne.

a      François du Toit and Susanne Seugnet's Children:

b1    Andries,  * 1691, d. 1749. The farmer of Schoongezicht and Kleinbosch
        in Daljosafat from 1733 to 1748; x  Drakesntein 7.3.1717 Martha
        ROSSOUW,~ 28.7.1698,  d. Drakenstein  28.10.1760, d.o. Pierre
        Rousseau and Anne Retief.

b2    Susanna,  * 1692,  d. 1713,
        x  Stellenbosch 22.11.1711 Willem ELBERTS, 
        ~ 11.4.1685, d. ahead 21.6.1713, s.o. Hendrik Elberts and Aletta ter
        Meulen. Willem Elberts was the owner of Moddergat, Stellenbosch.

b3    Gertruida, born circa 1693, d. 1750;
        x  7.2.1710 Pierre ROUSSEAU,  * Mer, Orléans, France 1666, d. 1719.
        Pierre was the owner of L'Arc d'Orleans and De Vleesbank in
        Drakenstein and Land Van Sanddrift n Waveren (currently
        Tulbagh), wid.o. Anne Retief;
        xx Drakenstein 31.12.1719  Carel VAN DER    MERWE, 
        ~ 30.12.1698,d. 1722, s.o. Schalk van der Merwe and Anne Prevost; 
       xxx  Johannes/Jan BASTIAANSZ, d. 1750, s.o. François Bastiaansz
        and Anna Maria Pieters de Leeuw.

b4    Helena (Laina),  ~ Drakenstein 8.5.1695;
        x  Burgert Piertersz VAN DYK, from Ysenberg, Flandre, d. 1723.
        The owner of Leeuwenhoek, wid. o. Johanna Greeff;
        xx  Ernst Frederik DE SWART, d. 1730, from Tiel, Guelderland,
        wid.o. Catharina Abrahamse;
        xxx  Drakenstein 16.4.1730 Arend OLIVIER,  ~ 9.5.1588,
        s.o. Hendrik Corneliszoon Olivier and Beatrix Gysberta Verwey;
        xxxx  Johannes BOTHA, wid.o. Anna van der Merwe, s.o. Frederik
        Botha and Maria Kickers.

b5    Pierre (Pieter), ~ Drakenstein 24.3.1697, d. 16.5.1768. Owner of
        Palmietvallei, Daljosafat from 19.3.1720. He also acquired Roodewal,
        a loan-farm in Breederiviervallei from 23.12.1716. He was a deacon
        and a member of the local council;
        x  Elisabeth ROSSOUW, ~ 14.10.1696, d. 1785. The co-owner of
        Calais, Daljosafat, d.o. Pierre Rousseau and Anne Retief.

b6    FRANÇOIS, ~ Drakenstein 28.6.1699, d. Tulbagh 6.12.1751.
        He was also a member of the local council and lieutenant in the
        army's council. He owned the quit rent farm Winterhoek in the
        Land of Waveren (Tulbagh) which was officially allocated to
        him in 1725. After his death in 1752, the son Jacobus became the
        owner, and kept it until 1701. Wihterhoek was originally owned
        by Pieter van Marseveen who in 1717 met and married Maria
        Theron. Upon van Marseveen's death in 1721, his widow married
        François du Toit who then became the owner of the farm.
        François du Toit did grain and cattle farming.
        x 12.4.1722 Maria THERON, * 7.8.1698, d. 1781, wid.o. Pieter van
        Marseveen, d.o. Jacques Therond and Marie Jeanne des Pres.

b7    Marthe, ~ Drakenstein 4.11.1701, d. 17.7.1728;
        x  Johannes MOLLER,  ~ 24.6.1685, s.o. Hendrik Christoffel
        Moller and Margaretha Marquardt. He xx Maria Uys.

b8    Stephanus,  *ca 1703, d. 10.11.1769. He owned Soetendal and
        Lemietrivier in Waggenmakersvallei. He was crippled
        (or deformed);
        x  Stellenbosch 17.2.1726 Debora MARAIS, ~ 4.10.1705,
        d. 1750, d.o. Charles Marais and Anna de Ruelle;
        xx  Drakenstein 13.2.1757 Marie JACOBS, ~ 5.2.1705,
        wid.o. Pieter Barend Blom, d.o. Daniël Jacobs and Louise

b9    Elisabeth, ~ Drakenstein 9.8.1705, d. Tulbagh 5.1.1789;
        x  Jacques THERON,  * 7.7.1699, d. 1756, s.o. Jacques
        Theron and Marie Jeanne de Pres.

b10  Marie, ~ Drakenstein 21.9.1709;
        x  22.7.1725 Johann Friedrich BIERMAN, * 1695,
        s.o. Friedrich Bierman and Elisabeth Oudenaarts. He xx
        Anna du Plessis.

b6    François du Toit and Maria Theron's Children:

        c1    Jacobus, ~ 18.4.1723, d. 1791. In 1751 he took over the
                farm Winterhoek, Land van Waveren (Tulbagh), from
                his mother, then a widow;
                x  Stellenbosch 10.3.1748 Margaretha BLIGNAUT,
                ~ 8.12.1726, d. 2.3.1804, d.o. Jean Blignaut and Anna

        c2    Elisabeth, ~ Stellenbosch 8.7.1725;
                x  1745 Charles MARAIS, ~ 27.9.1722, d. 1750, s.o. Charles
                Marais and Maria Rossouw;
                xx  Paarl 1.4.1752 Philippus DU PLESSIS, ~ 19.1.1727,
                s.o. Charl Prieur du Plessis and Cecilia Van Marseveen.

        c3    Maria Susanna, ~ 10.8.1727, d. Tulbagh April 1768;
                x  25.5.1746 Pieter DE VOS, ~14.2.1723, s.o. Wouter de Vos
                and Maria Sophia van der Byl.

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