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François and I (João) met in 1996 at Sappi, where we both worked. He a proud boer, me a temperamental porra!

hkhouse.jpg (80691 bytes)Our home is in Centurion (we love and miss it!) but in 1998 François was transferred to Hong Kong, and that's where we live now. Our new house is a 'split-type' one... what's a split-type? Well, in this case, we have 8 floors (1 room per floor) and 80 stairs to climb!!! We certainly cannot complaint about fitness maintenance... This is a view of the front. From bottom to top: entrance, kitchen, kid's bedroom and guest-bedroom.

ExchangingRings.jpg (163965 bytes)We did go through the 'test of fire' - what would you expect with two explosive characters? - but, in the end, we tied the knot! Where? At Leriba Lodge in Centurion!

3ofus.jpg (335561 bytes)My daughter Giselle was the Flower Girl, and, boy, was she happy! She just couldn't quite understand why daddy wouldn't marry her as well... quite difficult to explain that stuff to a kid... Here we are happily together!

We went on a marvelous trip down the Wine and Garden Routes!

At Stellenbosch we failed to visit the Archives in search of more details about our family. Pity, but I suppose we can always do that some other time.

We traveled through the duToit's Kloof pass towards the original du Toit's farm - Die Kleinbosch - where the original farm house and, later, the school are.

I cannot forget the marvelous landscapes, the people and the happiness in that area! It was a great experience and I hope to go back there again...