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As I said, we are in Hong Kong! The City of Lights!

We don't have that many "braais" (barbeques) as it's often hot and humid. But we do browse around the Outlying Islands, where many Fishermen hold their restaurants. And that's the best and cheapest food you can get in Hong Kong!

Our favourite Chinese restaurant is in Lamma Island (about 35 minutes from the main island, on a Junk ). What's a Junk?  It's a traditional Chinese boat, usually made out of wood. It was originally used for commercial purposes and also for transportation of travelers.  Have a look at one!

Oopps!! Have to take a photo myself!

Many people also call "Junk" the Sanpans; which, in my opinion is not that correct... Junks are bigger boats and Sanpans are small boats, often used for transporting people and good around the islands and to/from the other vessels.